12 Alarm CADEX PEDIATRIC Timer Watch

12 Alarm CADEX PEDIATRIC Timer Watch
Item# 952437 e-pill CADEX PEDIATRIC. 12 Alarm Medication Reminder Watch & Electronic Medical Alert. Alarm Watch with Medical Snooze. Red / Black Velcro Strap.
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Device Description

12 Alarm CADEX PEDIATRIC Timer Watch
Diabetes Watches (e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Timer Watch / Pediatric): Other Medication Reminder Watches
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Easy-to-Program and Easy-to-Use e-pill CADEX PEDIATRIC DIABETES Alarm Watch. Medication Reminder 12 Alarm Timer Watch & Medical ID (Stores Medical Information) for Children (Girl or Boy) and young adults (youths).

Excellent easy to read display with large digits and characters. (click on photos to enlarge them). 12 Alarm Watch Silver / Black / Leather Strap Design. Listen to the Medical Alert CADEX Radio Advertisement | Visit CADEX Alarm Timer Wrist Watch Web site. Over 30,000 CADEX Watches Sold! Watch a Short CADEX Video to see how this e-pill Medication Reminder works. This e-pill device is member tested & recommended by National Health & Wellness Club.

PEDIATRIC (Children) Diabetes Alarm Watch Features:
  • Up to 12 daily alarms (auto repeating)
  • Normal time & date function
  • Alpha reminder message (up to 36 characters)
  • Beeping alarm sound (medical snooze)
  • Medical Snooze (every 3 minutes until medications are taken)
  • Medical ID databank (Medical Information)
  • ALERT button displays Medical ID databank in an emergency
  • Used in Clinical Trials

    Timer: Program up to 12 daily medication reminders (beep sound alarm) and optional reminder text message (name and strength of medication or other prompts - Medical Information). Message scrolls across the display. NO RESET required - Alarms repeat at the same time every day. Programming is done on the watch (excellent easy to understand manual). e-pill CADEX Easy Set-up Guide

    "I gave the e-pill CADEX Watch to my 14 year old diabetic nephew so he can remember to do his blood sugar tests. He loves wearing it! His mother even set a 5:00 pm alarm to say 'if you are not home yet - call me.' A.L. (Indiana)

    Medical ID Medical Information Databank stores critical health information (similar to a medical ID bracelet). Medical ID can be used as a pill identifier. Simply press the ALERT button to display: What is a Medical ID Databank? CADEX Silver Model. Watch VIDEO: Quick CADEX Set-Up Video | How the e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Watch & Medical Alert was invented. | e-pill CADEX Easy Set-up Guide

  • Name and Phone
  • Medical Information (diabetes, asthma, hemophiliac, Parkinsons's, heart condition, aphasia, epilepsy etc)
  • Allergic reactions (penicillin, bee sting, peanuts etc.)
  • List of medications, blood type, date of birth
  • Doctor's name & phone, emergency contact info
  • Insurance company & policy number.

    HIPAA Compliance Notice: This e-pill device, when used, may disclose confidential patient information.

    Not Suitable for Hearing Impaired
    Do not wear in shower or swimming pool

    Recommended by doctors, nurses and emergency medical personnel.

    Medical Snooze: CADEX's reminder system is very functional and lets you turnoff immediate beeping. It then gives you a subtle double beep every three minutes (+ text message) until you have taken your medications or performed task. It also features a practical master switch to turn of all alarms (when you are in church or meetings, etc.)

    Never forget to take your medications again with this outstanding e-pill reminder timer alarm watch. Order your CADEX medication reminder watch today! We offer FREE Standard Shipping & Handling (U.S. only) & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC (e-pill Medication Reminders) | 1 Year warranty by manufacturer | Constructed of impact resistant plastic, nylon Velcro watch strap. Size is suitable for children, young adults, men and women.

    Size: 1 1/2" x 1/2" (normal adult size wrist watch)
    Color: BLACK with Red/Black Velcro Strap | Digit size 1/4 inch
    Battery life 12 months | Battery: CR2032 included (replaceable).

    Shipping: Free Standard Shipping & Handling (U.S. Customers only, $15.00 per order for customers outside the USA).

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    CADEX 12 Alarm Watch Customer TestimonialsVIDEO How does CADEX Diabetes Alarm Watch work
    Good Housekeeping recommends e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Watch

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