International Travel: Are my drugs going to be a problem when I go on a vacation? Be Drug Smart, Ask Your Pharmacist!

International Travel
Preparation ahead of your vacation will prevent problems at the border. Make sure all your prescription drugs are in their original bottles with proper labeling. Sometimes it is a good idea to carry a copy of your prescription or a computer print-out from your pharmacy. The computer print-out will show exactly what you are taking, and if you loose your pills it will come in handy. Remember to carry the print-out separately from your pill bottles, so if you loose one, you'll still have the other. Ask your pharmacist to prepare a print out for you.

Take all medications in sufficient, but not excessive quantities. If you are going to be away a week, you will need a week's supply of your prescriptions plus a little more in case you are delayed in returning or decide to stay longer. For OTC (non-prescription drugs), take only what would be a reasonable supply, for example two thousand acetaminophen with codeine tablets is not reasonable for a weekend holiday in Europe!

Carry all your medicines in your carry on baggage, because suit cases can get lost. If you are driving, don't carry them in the trunk of your car or on the dash. Both areas can be too hot or too cold. Insulin dependent travelers face special requirements.

Remember to include a diarrhea medication if your are traveling to a tropical location. Insect repellents, sun screens, motion sickness products, and a first aid kit may also be necessary depending upon your travel plans. And, check your travel insurance to see if it covers medicines that you may have to purchase on your vacation.

If you are concerned about a specific drug with which you must travel, your pharmacist can help you. A little preparation before your vacation .... can make your holiday even more enjoyable.

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