Freedom to Age Well with DIABETES

Freedom to Age Well DIABETES: Reducing Falls Risk Among Older DIABETIC Adults

Freedom to Age Well
Reducing Falls Risk Among Older Adults

Falls among older adult diabetics are common and costly. Older adults managing diabetes often suffer from a number of serious complications, such as peripheral neuropathy and retinopathy, which place them at greater risk of falling.

One in Three: In the general population of people 65 years and older, one out of three people will fall each year, however falls risk soars as high as 78% for older adults managing four or more diabetic complications.

The Correlation Between Diabetes and Falls Risk

Not only is diabetes impacting quality of life and increasing falls risk in older adults, but falls add unnecessary complications and costs. The US is spending an estimated $45 billion annually for diabetic complications and falls, with the largest percentage of dollars directed at the older adult population.

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