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Diabetes: Living Well and Traveling. Tools & Health Gear (Insulin Glucose Alarm Timer Watch) for Diabetic / Diabetes patients and caregivers.

Welcome to Our unique line of practical and proven diabetes bracelet and patient compliance / medication adherence devices from e-pill® Medication Reminders (e-pill®, CADEX®) for diabetes / diabetic patient who wants to live an active life style.

MOST POPULAR e-pill Medication Reminder for diabetes patients:
e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Medication Reminder (Diabetes Watch for Children) and ALERT bracelet ("away from home" medical alert). Tools for your Diabetes patients: | RADIO AD | Locked Pill Dispenser for Diabetes Medications (Home use) | How-it-works | Electronic discreet DIABETES bracelet.

Did I take my pills, shot or not?

  • Up to 12 Daily ALARMS (Daily Medication / Test / Meals Reminder. 60 Second Alarm + Optional Text Message (up to 36 characters). Easy to use with Auto reset at midnight every day (no alarm reset required).
  • LONG ALARM DURATION up to 4 hours.
  • MEDICAL SNOOZE. Reminder beep every three (3) minutes until all medications have been taken.
  • DIABETES ALERT Bracelet (Diabetes ALERT) and Medical ID. May speak for the diabetic patient emergency when she/he is are unable to speak.
  • Recommended by Good Housekeeping; “Easy to program” and “The face even notes the name of each pill to take”

  • CADEX helps you remember A/ Medications B/ Testing C/ Eating (snacks) with Alarm + Text Message + "Nags Patient" (Medical Snooze) until meds are taken or glucose test is complete. VIDEO that shows you how the e-pill CADEX watch and diabetes ALERT bracelet works.

    Affordable Insulin Carrying Cases (Dia-Pak, DiCase) for Travel, at Home, Work or School (College). SCROLL DOWN now! FREE Standard Shipping and FREE Gift with every order (regardless of order size).

    Popular DIABETES Alarm WATCH & Medical Alert

    Example: Our vibrating alarm watch was developed for children with diabetes. Up to six (6) daily alarms (vibrating alarm or sound alarm)! e-pill MeDose vibration watch is used by children and adults alike to help remember insulin injections, to take diabetes medications ("pill reminders"), perform tests (monitor blood sugar). Watch size: 1 1/2" x 1/2" (same size both models).

    Medication reminders by vibration, sound or voice. Sign up for our mailing list. Automatic Pill Dispenser. Insulin Carrying Cases. Diabetes Medical ID Watch.

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    Affordable Medical Alert system. Pill Identification. Practical insulin carrying cases.

    e-pill is the leading provider of Medication Reminders & Practical Ways to Improve Medication Adherence for Individuals with Diabetes | 1-800-549-0095 |

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    Never forget to take your diabetes medicine again! Medication Reminders | e-pill | Practical Medication Adherence Devices.
    Diabetes and travel. Diabetic travel cases for insulin. Pill box for your vaccation. Use our DI case for your syringe. Cases for pumps and insulin. Type-1 and type-2 diabetic products. Medication reminders for diabetics (patients with diabetes). Vibrating watch multi-alarm with or without automatic pill dispenser. Organizer with built in timer. Use our dia-pak or di case for your medicine. e-pill, epill.

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    Private & Discreet vibrating alarm watches - Only the person wearing the watch will notice the vibration! No need to reset the alarms - Learn more about Medication Compliance watches (medos, MeDose, CADEX, Almeda, Timex) & other e-pill Medication Reminders. e-pill MeDose 6 alarm vibrating watch. Learn about Travel & Diabetes. |
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